Monday, August 15, 2011

In Our Yard: August

Last month we had a look at the grape vines growing at Robert and Debbie's. Today we're visiting Ashley and Anna's yard, where we've purposefully planted flowering vegetables in areas that would traditionally be used for more ornamental vegetation. The parking area is bordered by beds that contain basil, chives, eggplant and our three favorites: onion, sweet potato vine and okra.

This onion looks like a pitchfork sticking out of the ground. We'll harvest the onion itself this fall once the top lays down and signals the growing is over.
Both the sweet potato and okra plants have stunning blooms, nice foliage and provide an interesting addition to a plant bed.
The sweet potato vine is extremely hardy and bug resistant. It provides a thick ground cover and the blooms are gorgeous. We'll dig up the potatoes this fall.
Okra is one of my favorite summer vegetables. Our boys like it, too, whether it's simply steamed, in succotash or fried. The yellow bloom announces an okra pod is on its way. Yum!
Maybe you'll want to consider planting your vegetables and fruits alongside your annuals and perennials next year. If you would like to read more about edible landscaping, check out this article from Better Homes and Gardens.

Need some tips for working in your yard this August? Amy Bledsoe has you covered. Read her information sheet here.

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