Thursday, April 10, 2014

Following in Daddy's (Landscaping) Footsteps

Levi, Ashley and I's oldest son, is finishing up Kindergarten. It's been Career Week at his school this week and he's had the opportunity to draw, write, and dress up like someone who works in his future profession. It probably comes as no surprise that Levi wants to be a landscaper like his daddy (although last year's 4 year-old Career Day choice was a swamp logger). 

His drawing below depicts a landscape crew that is raking, laying sod and planting a tree. 

Levi's outfit was complete with a plaid shirt (and he insisted on wearing a white shirt underneath to be like Daddy) and a Rain Bird hat. 

He wanted to take an action picture--here he is pulling a weed.

We won't pressure Levi to take over Heritage anytime soon but he's making a great landscaper-in-training (should he choose this as his profession). He is always right beside Ashley when work is being done outside, whether that is planting trees, laying sod, or repairing irrigation. It's a blessing to have a business continue on to the second generation (Robert to Ashley)--and we believe our family relationship makes us a stronger company. 

We hope your spring is going well. It's our pleasure to serve you and your properties as we help make the area we live in a beautiful place.