Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Our Yard: September

Although Robert and Debbie's well-established fig tree produced an amazing crop of figs this August, our new trees are still bearing fruit at the end of September. Which explains why it seemed suitable to discuss figs in this September yard post. 

The fig tree makes a lovely addition to your yard. They prefer to be planted near a building that offers some protection. Once established, the tree can grow to be quite large (as seen in this picture below of the fig tree at Robert and Debbie's).
These figs are ripe when they turn a brownish-purple color and are somewhat soft to touch. They should detach from the tree easily if they are ripe. You won't see many fresh figs in large grocery stores because they're a very fragile fruit.

Ah...but if you have the chance to try a fresh fig, certainly do! Their sweet taste pairs well with cheese. Or just bite in and enjoy it plain. Figs were one of the first plants to be cultivated by humans. To learn more about the common fig varieties, visit:

As always, check out Amy Bledsoe's September's Horticultural Tasks to see what important things you should be taking care in your own yard.

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