Saturday, May 28, 2011

Much Mulch in May

Although the majority of the properties we maintain have pinestraw as the primary groundcover, we do have several sites that use mulch. Usually a fresh layer needs to be applied at least once a year.

Here's a big load being dumped for one of our properties. We've been very pleased with our subcontractor's performance this spring spreading mulch. Once the mulch is delivered to the site, it is loaded into a mulching truck that sprays the mulch onto the ground (for most areas--some still require hand application).

If you research pinestraw and mulch comparisons online, you will learn that there are benefits to both types of groundcover. To learn more about pinestraw, visit here. Clemson Cooperative Extension provides an excellent overview of all types of mulch, including what type to use where and how much to use. Read more here.

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