Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Your Yard: April

Spring has definitely arrived in the Midlands. Maybe the thick coat of pollen hasn't been so refreshing but the pinks of dogwoods and azaleas, new green growth on trees and bushes, and the rainbow of colors offered by nature lift your spirit after winter.

As promised a while back, we're going to share tips for maintaining your personal landscape once a month on the Heritage blog. This month's tips are gathered from Southern Living magazine and Jungle Taming, a landscape debris removal and beautification company in Columbia.
Plant veggies and herbs after all dangers of frost have passed. Perhaps consider the Square Foot Garden (SFG) as a way to create a small salad garden to enjoy this summer. Wingard's Nursery in Lexington has planted a demonstration SFG. Check it out!

Turf: If you need to repair bare patches or replant large area in your grass, wait until the average daytime temperature is above 60 degrees. Be sure to thoroughly water newly seeded or sodded turf. After the grass has greened up, wait until at least two or three weeks to fertilize according to soil test recommendations (you can request a test through Clemson's extension service for $15 by visiting here).

Annuals: To help transplants become established before the famous South Carolina heat and humidity arrive, keep them well watered and mulched. Apply liquid fertilizers every two weeks to get new plants off to a good start. If you use slow-release fertilizers at planting time, they should not be needed again until mid summer.

Plant vines now, such as Carolina jessamine.

Care for your roses: Properly prune roses to encourage air circulation, growth and sunlight penetration. Learn more about pruning roses here. Fertilize once-blooming roses in early spring before growth begins. Repeat-blooming roses should be fertilized only if necessary. Inspect your roses for pests.

To learn more about the tips shared here, visit:
Enjoy your home yards and gardens before the sticky humidity that South Carolina is so known for arrives!

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