Friday, January 14, 2011

Heritage tackles 2011's first winter storm

The Midlands had their first taste of snow for 2011 this past week when snow and ice fell early Monday morning. Heritage crews were out late Sunday night to deliver ice melt and equipment to properties that requested snow removal .

Monday and Tuesday we used skid steers and front-end loaders, as well as shovels and other manpower to remove snow from business parks, hospitals, and shopping centers. It was a team effort!

The snow mounds will probably be around for a while thanks to the cold nights we've been having.

Even with ice melt applied regularly, the thick layer of ice is stubborn. You may see our guys armed with shovels chipping away at it on your sidewalks (taking care to protect the concrete surfaces).

Please remember to stay in touch with us so we can be best prepared to meet your winter weather needs. It's always our pleasure to serve you.

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