Monday, September 13, 2010

A Successful Dove Hunt

Saturday, September 11, Heritage hosted their annual dove hunt for customers (and friends and family). Everyone met in McBee, SC, to enjoy lunch at Big's Meats (Robert's cousin owns this fantastic restaurant) and sample peaches and muscadine grapes from McLeod Farms (owned by another cousin of Robert's). Here's the hunting crowd heading to Big's. It was a large group!Robert got to show off a few of the grandchildren- Mallory, Levi and Ryan--and they got to enjoy playing on the tractors at the McLeod Farms Antique Museum.
Big's serves up delicious hand-patted hamburgers, fresh sides, and other tasty foods.

Kemp McLeod (left in blue shirt), owner of McLeod Farms, talked with the group about his operation.
He generously shared peaches and grapes with everyone.
It's a quick drive from Big's and McLeod Farms to the dove field.
Ashley and his cousin Martin ferried hunters to their locations in the field.
Men, women and kids hunted this year.
Another group heading out to the field.
Robert helped folks decide where to set up.
Overall it was a successful hunt. There was a steady stream of shots and birds dropping during the afternoon. We hope everyone enjoyed the fruits of their labors-- our family certainly savored the doves grilled with bacon on Sunday afternoon. This will continue to be an annual event so plan on coming next year!

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