Thursday, December 17, 2009

Efforts to be "green" at Heritage

As a company that relies on the land for our existence, we understand the importance of doing our part to reduce our waste and impact. Recently Robert documented some of these efforts, which we would like to share with you.

Scrap iron (such as old mower blades) are collected and taken to a recycling center.
Used oil (from our lawn mowers, trucks, and other equipment) is stored in this container. This will be picked up by the Santee Cooper GOFER Program to generate energy.
Pallets from the various shipments we receive (fertilizer, mulch, etc.) are stacked and returned to a company that reuses them.
Plant containers are collected and returned to nurseries, where they are cleaned and reused.

Old mulch and flowers from the properties we maintain is returned to our lot, where we compost it instead of taking it to the landfill. We use this rich soil material to rebuild our plant beds.
These are only a few of our ways of reducing our impact on the environment. We will continue to look for additional methods of being really green as landscape professionals.

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