Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting started with property inspections

It's one thing to see one or two Heritage trucks at a property in Columbia or Lexington. It's another thing to see them all lined up after a day's work. Here's a shot of the Heritage shop in Gilbert.
Levi is going to be accompanying me on our weekly property inspections. Here he is guzzling some milk after a hard day's work.
Levi and Ashley after work. Ashley's Blackberry buzzes all the time and Levi is learning how to use it quickly.
One of the beautiful flower combinations this spring/summer. Ashley usually designs the beds but his guys took the lead on this one and did a fantastic job!
Always a striking combination...lantana, setcreasea, and petunia.
The wave of red salvia and setcreasea look fantastic here.
After a morning of property inspections, Levi calls quitting time!

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